Extensions in Term Three

Friday, June 16th

Extensions are extended learning beyond the Academy Day to develop well-rounded, healthy, and creative individuals. 

Throughout the year the Academy offers a variety of Extensions to meet the interests of our learners. They may focus on academics, sports, arts and sports.  Please read below to see options available for Term 3 and complete the following linked Google Form with their choices. 

Please note:

  • Starting in Term 3, the Academy will start Extensions slightly earlier at 3:20 pm, and they will conclude at 4:20 pm, except for Parkour, which will still finish at 4:30 pm.  The timing still allows our students to have a brief break to recharge and enjoy a nutritious snack before their Extension session begins. We kindly remind all students that they are not permitted to leave the Academy before their scheduled Extension. 
  • For any reason, if your child  is unable to attend their Extension, please inform us by emailing us at office@ligeracademy.org.nz or by calling the office on 03 409 0686.
  • The Smith Family are also offering an early morning Skin Club for any students who want to hike /skin up from Greengates at sunrise. This will be on Tuesday mornings at Coronet Peak – to meet at 7 am at Greengates (weather dependent). Led by Adam Smith. Transfers back to the Academy are available depending on numbers (parents are welcome to join as well). Please connect with Mandy/Adam directly if this is of interest.
Day  Purpose 15:20 – 16:20 Details 
Monday  Creative

Chess Club 


Location – Liger Hub

Join the Academy Chess Club in Term 3! 

Chess will offers numerous benefits to our students, including the development of critical thinking, problem-solving skills, concentration, patience, and strategic planning.

Monday  Creative

Liger Band (with Kinga)


Limited to 8 students 


Location – Liger Hub

Continuing from last term’s music classes, we’re providing students with the opportunity to build on what they’ve learned and continue to collaborate together. 

Please note Kinga is away for the first half of term and will return in week 5 to pick up with them again.

Tuesday Sports and wellbeing

Boxing Classes


Limited to 8 students 


Location – Liger Hub

Academy ​boxing classes​ will be​ designed to provide students ​with the opportunity to enhance their skills while reaping numerous benefits. Boxing is not only a fantastic way to learn ​self-defence but also a means to improve fitness levels and foster discipline and confidence. 

Boxing wraps will need to be purchased by families. 

Tuesday  Technology 

Technovation Challenge – Girls

Location – Liger Hub

Stage 2 of our Liger Girls engaging in Technology and preparing to enter a global competition.

Technovations challenge 

Our group of Liger girls will run their own Extension with the guidance of a facilitator. 

The purpose is to explore previous Technovation Challenge entries and identify challenges in our own community

identifying local and national expertise/mentors to help them understand these issues more deeply and how tech could be used to address them. 

Wednesday  Entrepreneurial

Liger Student Committee 


Limited to 10 students 


Location – Liger Hub

The Academy is establishing our first Liger Student Committee – this will be a rewarding and impactful experience for all students involved, allowing them to collaborate, develop leadership skills, and make a positive impact within the Academy.  
Wednesday  Sports and wellbeing

Tabata Classes 


Limited to 12 students 


Location – Liger Hub

Tabata training is a popular form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that will significantly improve fitness levels. The training will consist of short bursts of intense exercise followed by brief periods of rest or active recovery.
Thursday  Academic

World Languages


Location – Liger Hub

Learner driven language learning  

Using the online education platform Education Perfect learners can work at their own pace to complete courses in the following: Te Reo Maori, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Indonesian, Japanese and Arabic.

Online – Student-led Facilitator supervised

Thursday    Academic

Innovation Challenge by Young Enterprise 


Limited to 12 students


Location – Liger Hub

Innovation Challenge # 2

Challenging our learners to develop creative solutions to real-world problems using entrepreneurial skills and innovative thinking. The goal of the challenge is to foster creativity, critical thinking, and teamwork among young people while helping them develop an entrepreneurial mindset. 

Friday  Sports and wellbeing



Location – SITE


Fees apply – families are invoiced directly – $189 for term  

Parkour is an athletic training discipline or sport in which practitioners attempt to get from point A to point B in the fastest and most efficient way possible, without assisting equipment and often while performing flips.


Learner are driven to SITE  and are required to be collected at 4:30 pm by parents/guardians