A very important part of a Liger education is to introduce our learners to the wider community.

We believe that every person with a skill or story to share can impact our student’s learning.



The purpose of guest speakers is to share different perspectives and to introduce and give depth to important issues for Liger learners.

Guest speakers bring an element of the ‘real world’ into our Academy and can bring a focus on new topics for our learners to think about and interact with.

As well as this, guest speakers are a great way to increase relations with our community, as they leave our school wanting to become more involved with the Liger Leadership Academy and what we do.

When learners hear new voices, inside knowledge and new perspectives it encourages questioning and the development of interests in new topics that impact their explorations.

We are able to accommodate in-person or remote speakers, and we often hold these sessions from 0900-0930 on Wednesdays, however we likely can be flexible should this timing not work.

Sessions can range from a structured workshop with a guiding question, to a casual conversation, to a prepared speech, or anything you would prefer.



When our learners decide on a problem they want to solve, a key aspect of their journey is their interaction with community mentors who have extensive knowledge in a relevant field.

Volunteers who help our learners are an extremely important part of our educational model. We firmly believe in a mutually beneficial relationship.

If you believe that having our learners work with your organisation would be positively impactful on the community as well as a meaningful learning experience, we would love to hear from you.

Collaboration can take place in a variety of ways. While the following is not an exhaustive list, it can serve as an effective guide.

People and organisations can partner with us for any aspect of any Exploration’s phases, or commit to being with us all the way

Acquiring knowledge Helping plan an activity Evaluating student work (product)
Asking questions Problem solving Prepare for handover to another group
Providing sources Providing expertise / feedback Reflect on learning
Formulating an action plan Dot connecting Next steps
Establishing criteria Interviews Exposure / Publishing help
Identifying skills needed

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