Matariki Celebrations

Friday, June 16th

Mandy Smith, Angela Tuhura, and the Academy are arranging a ceremony to honour and celebrate Matariki New Year.

This will be a time to reflect on the past year, celebrate the present, and plan for the year ahead. 

The focus will be on students setting goals for the coming year using the Māori Health model of Te Wheke, which draws inspiration from the symbolism of the octopus in Māori culture.

Te Wheke, meaning “the octopus” in Māori, represents an indigenous perspective on holistic health and well-being. The model incorporates multiple dimensions that contribute to a person’s overall wellness, emphasising the interconnectedness of these dimensions. The eight tentacles of Te Wheke symbolise different facets of health, including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, environmental, occupational, and cultural well-being.

Celebrations Overview 

Friday, 30 June in the afternoon we will all come together to discuss the meaning of Matariki and the connection of Te Wheke. Students will be asked to set goals which they will then bring to the ceremony if they wish on Monday, 17 July (first day of term 3) 

Monday, 17 July –  We will be holding a Karakia ceremony at the lower point of Coronet Peak Ski Road at 6:30 am. This is optional, if your child would like to participate in this.

Time and location will be fully confirmed on Thursday, 13 July as it will be weather/sky dependent. 

This is open to all families to join or you can simply drop your child off at the location and the Academy will arrange onward transfers after. 

Once we return to the Academy we will enjoy a shared breakfast so please bring a plate of food to share – 8:30 am. 

Please email (office@ligeracademy.org.nz)  by Friday, 7 July if we should expect your child/ whole family early on Monday morning. 


Further Notes:

  • Dress warmly and bring a cushion to sit on if you wish and a blanket – it will be cold!
  • We will do a weather check and update further on  Thursday, 13 July