Extensions are extended learning beyond the school day to develop well-rounded, healthy, and creative individuals.

We offer a variety of activities that vary to meet the interests of our learners. They may focus on academic, sports, arts and cultural activities. 



Sports & Wellbeing

Personal Fitness & Training

What’s your sport or activity? This extension is for learners who are passionate about learning more about sports and fitness specific to their passions. Fitness, stretching, strength training, nutrition, techniques, mental strength.


Tech workshop – Laptop Repair.

Following on from our successful E-waste project in 2022. Partnering with Otago Uni’s Recycle a device (RAD) learners will learn how to repair laptops and other tech for members of our community.


The Art of Conversation & Public Speaking.

Debating, public speaking skills. Removing the umms, ahhs, likes, and IDKs from conversation. Development of logos (logic) pathos (credibility) ethos (emotion) in your speeches and interactions.


Appreciation Club.

This exploration develops on our core value of appreciation. Learners will create gestures (tangible and other) as a way of showing appreciation to supports of the Liger Academy.


World Languages.

Facilitated but learner driven language learning.  Using the online education platform Education Perfect learners can work at their own pace to complete courses in the following: Te Reo Maori, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Indonesian, Japanese and Arabic.

Passion Project

Pursue a passion or service project individually or in a group of 2-3.

Learners will work the process of creating a product or outcome of their interest. Passion Projects supports the development of self management, thinking, research, reflection and communication skills in reaching a goal.

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