Our mission is to develop New Zealand’s future leaders and entrepreneurs.


The Liger learning model isn’t for everyone. Young people who thrive here are open-minded, risk takers, curious, and have a hunger for learning.

It’s really important that our learners family shares our philosophy on learning. Many parents are critical thinkers, risk takers, and entrepreneurs.

You’re happy to step out of the mainstream. And when you look at the future, you know your child needs to learn the principles of learning, so they can adapt, change, and thrive in the uncertainty to come.



Liger is for young people who have the potential and passion to grow personally and academically and the desire to contribute to their community and the world.

We look for the following attributes in our applicants.

Adam Sturman, Facilitator

Academic abilities

Thrive in independent or self directed learning

Respond well to an active learning environment

Enjoy discussing concepts with others

Want to ask lots of questions

Seek evidence to support their arguments

Possess a growth mindset

Enjoy challenging or complex problems

Show determination and perseverance

Shira Feifer, Facilitator

'Change agent' characteristics

Enjoy learning through real world contexts

Show interest and awareness of global issues

Be optimistic

Effective at collaboration

Passion to develop leadership skills

Readily accept and discuss new ideas

Value driven and open minded

Stand up for what themselves or others believe in

Adam Sturman, Facilitator

Personality & passion

Show interest and consider others’ points of view

Understand that failure is essential to success


Possess unique and varied interests

Like to test out new ideas

Want to know as much as possible about a topic

Have high expectations for themself

Be inquisitive and curious

Value healthy competition

Admissions process

Our admissions process is a six -step journey to make sure Liger is the right fit for your family and your child.

Tuition fees & scholarships

As a not-for-profit, our goal is to ensure all kids who’ll thrive here can study here, regardless of your financial situation.