Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application process?

We have a four step admissions process. Parents should submit an expression of interest through our website. Our team will then get in touch to arrange a meeting with them. The third phase is an assessment of the suitability of the student for the programme. If it is a good fit between the family, the student, and the Liger Leadership Academy, an offer of place will be made.

What are the fees to attend?

The fees are discussed with prospective parents. Full fees for LLA are comparable with other fees of private schools in New Zealand. However, a generous scholarship scheme exists to ensure that no student who is offered a place is unable to attend to financial means.

Will you offer sports/arts education?


What are the Liger Leadership Academy's relationships with other schools?

The LLA sees itself as a part of the education community, we work with other schools in Queenstown, across New Zealand, and throughout the world.

What are the criteria for admissions?

We look for young people who have the potential to become socially conscious, entrepreneurial future leaders. Throughout our admissions process, our focus is ensuring we have a diverse range of learners from different backgrounds. Please refer to our prospectus for more information.

Do your facilitators (teachers) cover every learning area with their expertise?

Yes. But the way we do it is through our proprietary approach called Liger Learning. Key elements of that is our teaching and learning is interdisciplinary, and project based. All of our learning regardless of subject is meaningful, authentic, personalised, and student-directed.

What is the Liger Leadership Academy's teacher/student ratio?

Our teacher/student ratio currently is approx. 1/8.

What qualifications will learners leave with?

The school will offer the New Zealand curriculum, which culminates in the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA). Our expectation is that all of our learners will gain University Entrance (UE). Students will also develop a digital portfolio that demonstrates their learning from their time at Liger.



We would be more than happy to talk with you if you have any further questions. If you require a specific area of the school, please refer to the contact information below:



Are you a passionate and innovative educator? Do you think outside the box and do you like to have fun? 

If so - we might just be the place for you. We come together around a shared purpose, to develop socially conscious entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow. Our team brings out the very best in our learners. They motivate, they inspire and cause impact. 

If you are an experienced educator who is passionate about changing education in your own lifetime, please get in touch. We accept expressions of interest at any time. 

Please note, as part of our recruitment process we will ask for comprehensive police checks, and uphold the strictest safeguarding checks and standards when carrying out recruitment for Liger Leadership Academy. 

If you are interested in joining the Liger Leadership Academy education team, please see our job openings below: